Foundation 4 Music

Giving our youth and their communities the opportunity to feel inspired through music.

The Foundation 4 Music was started in the beginning of 2020 by Adam McLean. The intention was allow youth to access music from all walks of life. This charity, non for profit organisation, has been split up into 4 main areas.
- Concerts

- Instruments for Leaders

- Staff professional development 

- Sponsoring children into music programs

Please see below for a more in-depth look.


Structure Of Foundation of Music

Please take a look at the Foundation 4 Music to see how the donated money is spent. All donated money goes a long way, and all decisions are made by a committee of 3 members, and of course the public that donate.


Where the donations go

Take a Look


Provide musical events

We help provide live music opportunities for schools and their communities which increases personal  well-being and Hauora. We have a mission to spread our reach within the Bay of Plenty and Waikato region to schools are all deciles and sizes.

Instruments for Leaders

Train future musical leaders to spread their passion

The fund enables leaders within the schools and community to have instruments that can be used for further musical  opportunities, both students and adults.

Train Staff in schools to use music

Staff Professional Development

Teaching potential staff within schools and communities to learn an instrument and to teach others, and to provide sustainable support throughout.


Allowing ongoing tutoring

Giving children the opportunity to access tuition from local music programs.


Make a Donation Today :)

Please, if you would like to make a donation, it is hugely appreciation. I, Adam McLean can assure you that your money will go a long way, and enrich many young lives that ripples through their community. 

You can pay through direct Debit to:

Foundation 4 Music


Or if you are business you can get in touch below and we'll arrange an invoice :)

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12 Hour Marathon Gig

Check out this event coming up on the 5th September! 
12 hours of music from 9am - 9pm! Many amazing special guests, all money going towards the Foundation 4 Music.


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